I find myself engaging in all sorts of creative endeavors. Some happen quite randomly while others are self imposed. I like finding ways to keep myself thinking creatively and I love being part of a larger creative community. Thanks for looking!


They Draw & Cook, They Draw & Travel

In 2009 I co-founded, along with my brother Nate Padavick, two online illustration communities called They Draw & Cook and They Draw & Travel. They are now the Internet’s largest collections of illustrated recipes and maps, respectively, created by artists, illustrators, and doodlers from around the world with an archive of 9,000+ illustrations, 15,000+ registered users, 275,000+ Facebook followers, 82,000+ Instagram followers, and 24,000+ newsletter subscribers. To activate the communities we solicit major organizations to sponsor site-hosted illustration contests and self-publish “best of” books from the site’s illustration archive. To ensure the future viability of the site and increase its user base, we personally invite illustrators to join the community and we team up with art colleges nationwide to integrate our sites into their classroom experience.

They Draw & Cook and They Draw & Travel have been featured in magazines such as UPPERCASEdpiWhere Women CreateFlowFood & Wine, Elsewhere and Edible Cleveland as well as blogs that include kitchnBrainpickingsepicuriousThe AtlanticDesign MomTravel + LeisureEdible Cleveland, and Bant Mag. The sites have hosted contests sponsored by The Food Network, Kraft Foods International, The GLAD Products Company, California Figs Association, DaVinci Wine, and UPPERCASE magazine. Some of the best art colleges in the nation—SCAD, MICA, CCAD, CCA—use our sites as platforms for illustration assignments.

Online Class

I created a two week-long workshop called Let's Make Greeting Cards for Sketchbook Skool. I teach students how to make their own greetings cards and give them a glimpse into the greeting card industry. I share tips for staying motivated and ways to use your sketchbook to generate ideas. As part of the course I provide several design briefs and information needed to create art for the greeting card industry. Throughout the course I offer insight into the greeting card market, share my own mantras for creativity and help students discover new ways to explore their own creativity. The course includes live demos and even a guest appearance by my four cats!

Stay Colorfully Creative - 100 Days

Starting January 1, 2019 I challenged myself to Stay Colorfully Creative for 100 days straight. At the start I wasn’t exactly sure what this would mean but I knew it would help get me through the cold, short, gray days of winter in Ohio. Here are just a few of the images I created. I ended up working in sets of 9, changing my color palette with each set. It completely transformed the look of my IG feed! You can see them all here on Pinterest too. Many of the images are currently available for purchase or license.


20 Ways  to Draw a Star

My brother Nate and I created this fun book as part of the "20 Ways" series by Quarry Publishing. We had a blast creating all the far-out drawings!



Myself and three other illustrators were hired to create chapter headings and lots and lots of food illustrations for Foodimentary , a cookbook celebrating 365 food holidays  by John-Bryan Hopkins.  Published by Wellfleet Press.


Change Your Life One Doodle at a Time

The best way to embrace change is to draw change! I wrote and illustrated this book which was published by Quarry.


Make Map Art

Make Map Art is a a map-making kit created by Nate and myself and published by Chronicle Books.


Four Flavors for 100 days

In 2017 I participated #the100DayProject by illustrating four flavors that taste good together. I created a new combo everyday for 100 straight days.


The 100 Ways of Pineapples

In 2016 I participated in #the100DayProject by illustrating a pineapple every day for 100 straight days.



In 2015 I participated in #the100DayProject by adding food ink drawings to Pantone postcards and then mailing all of them to people around the world.



I've created many fonts and they are  available  for only $5 (unlimited rights and usage). See all of the fonts Nate and I have created in our shop.


Food Icon Library

This is a sampling from my food icon library. There are close to 700 icons. Throughout the process I discovered spices, fruits and veggies I had never heard of before! Send me an email if you are interested in seeing more of the set.