I began freelancing in 1993 after working for 10 years at American Greetings. Since then I’ve illustrated thousands of greeting cards and patterns, filled lots of sketchbooks and explored many creative adventures. Seven of my greeting cards have been nominated for a Louie Award and three have won. My brother Nate Padavick and I are the founders of They Draw & Cook and They Draw & Travel, the Internet's largest collection of illustrated recipes and maps from artists around the world. We are so proud of the community we’ve created and the artists we have helped along the way. I continue to be inspired every single day by the artists that contribute to our sites.

One little fig was all it took for me to realize how much I love illustrating food. I also like adding my wonky handlettering to my illustrations and experimenting with different letter forms. Most of my commissioned work is created in Illustrator but my style is broadening since learning to illustrate on my iPad. Throughout the day I move back and forth from the kitchen counter to my studio which is only ten steps away.

I have two grown boys pursuing their own creative endeavors. My husband David spends every morning drinking coffee with me at the kitchen counter surrounded by piles of sketchbooks and an abundant (excessive!) array of colored pencils, and a cat or two. 

I’m a vegetarian. I walk. I practice yoga. I swim. I cut lots of veggies every day. I love coffee, even if sometimes it has to be decaf. I can never pick a favorite color. I talk to my cats. I start my day sketching and I end my day sketching. I’m grateful for all of it.

If you are a current client reading this I want to say “Thank You” because I really have enjoyed working on so many projects with so many wonderful people. If we have yet to work together then maybe it’s time to collaborate!

email: salli@salliswindell.com

phone: (216) 533-9347